How do I create a saved filter?

You can create and manage your own filters to quickly keep on top of ideas and feedback that you have an interest in.

To create a new filter

  • Filter your items using the filter options.
  • Click on "Save Filter" next to the applied filters.

  • Give your filter a name
  • Choose your filter sharing options.
    • If you make the filter private, only you will have access to view it. Your private filters will appear under the 'Saved filters' dropdown.
    • If you decide to set this as a shared filter, other users will see the filter under their 'Shared filters' section. This will also create a URL that you can send to your team.

You can edit privacy and manage your filters at any time by hovering over the filter and selecting 'Edit'


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    Friederike Mundt

    Nice feature. Even nicer would be to remember the last selected saved filter that I do not always have to select it. Would save 2 clicks per list that I look at since I always use the same filter