Getting Started Videos

Our Getting Started videos are all about helping you learn how to be a great product manager and an awesome ProdPad super user! We've put together a series of videos to help you get the hang of it.

Lesson 1: About your Trial

ProdPad is the first tool built to make you a better product manager. In this Getting Started video, you’ll see:

  • Adding your first product and starting your product canvas and roadmap
  • Adding your first idea and finding it in your backlog
  • Capturing feedback and associating it to ideas in your backlog

This is meant to be a very quick overview of ProdPad. Keep watching the videos below to dive deeper into the areas that matter to you most.



  • Avatar
    Christopher Rodriguez

    no installation on your website included? fail?!

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hi Christopher,
    ProdPad as an app cannot be installed on your website, it is a SaaS tool. You are free to install the widget to collect customer feedback though! If you are looking for an on-premise version, we're looking into that for later this year.