Onboarding other stakeholders

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    An important part of implementing a new tool is making sure that everyone understands what the tool is, communicating the value its key functionality provides, and aligning all stakeholders so you can work out how best to apply it to your context.

    Why ProdPad?

    For product-led organizations, working in a product-thinking way is not restricted to the product teams. Much of how sales, support, customer success or marketing is like product management in a way, in that it should be lean and experimentation driven. After all, what are, say, marketing campaigns and efforts if not a series of experiments testing to see how the market reacts to the message or tweaks to sales processes, if not seeing what works best to nudge more customers to buy. This is analogous to the product team testing product iterations to see how the user base reacts to the product. Like in product, the other teams need to have a guiding vision and strategy, and clear objectives and key results to measure their success. They'll have a set of problems to solve, or initiatives to crack, just like a product team, and for each one, a series of experiments of sorts that will be run to try to make progress against those objectives and the key results.

    ProdPad is therefore a powerful tool to help guide efforts across an organization towards the right objectives, meaning less wasted time and resource, and more progress towards your company goals.

    Here are useful resources to share with stakeholders to help them understand the value of ProdPad.

    Sharing with other stakeholders

    Introducing a new tool involves change management, people won’t necessarily automatically see the benefits and change how they work. It’s important to consider all your stakeholders and how you will encourage them to use it and communicate the change to them.

    Main groups to consider involving in ProdPad:

    • Exec (C-Suite)
    • Business-facing (Sales, Marketing, Project, IT/Data)
    • Customer-facing (Success, Support, Research)

    Best practice for when to invite them into ProdPad:

    • Configure the account, populate it with initial data, and agree on key processes with the core product team
    • Rollout once you determine how you want them to use it
    • Identify key advocates from each group to work with

    Key things to consider from their point of view:

    • How will they see this change, are they normally resistant or happy to try something new?
    • What problems do they have that this will solve? Any extra benefits?
    • What does this mean for the whole organization? Why have you chosen to introduce this?
    • Identify key advocates across other teams
    • How is change normally communicated internally?

    Key areas to highlight:

    • What is ProdPad?
    • How does it relate to their role? How do you want it to be used?
    • How does this connect with existing tools and processes?
    • Benefits for the organization - relating to desired outcomes for using ProdPad
    • Terminology mapping - show how terms used within ProdPad map to your existing processes and terms used.

    Establishing ongoing processes

    Reviewing your ProdPad setup & rollout

    Following your initial set up, be sure to carry out a lessons learned retrospective with your key stakeholders involved with the rollout. Some aspects to include:

    • What were your objectives for the rollout? Have they been met?
    • What went well?
    • What didn’t go well?
    • What could you do differently next time?
    • Where would you like to develop usage of ProdPad and when will you review again? Remember we’re here if you’d like to understand any aspects further and discuss best practice!

    Check-in with us at any time, let us know how you are getting on as well as asking any implementation questions! We have multiple ways to support you through your implementation, as long as you're a customer, we got you. Organizations are complex and in today’s climate, are in a constant state of flux and change. Let us be the calm in your storm and lean on us to help you make ProdPad work for you.

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