Replying to customer feedback

When gathering feedback you can include customer information, such as their email, Twitter account, and source of the request (like a support request.) You can use this information to get back to the client directly about any idea updates! This could be when you're conducting further user research or to let them know a feature has gone live.

In your workflow, you would set out the stages for each idea to work through, so you know when there's an idea that needs to be communicated. For example, once something has been completed in development, you might have some post-release stages around Marketing activity and also a stage for contacting customers. When an idea has moved from development to that stage in your workflow, you can then follow the process to notify customers as relevant. On the idea, you can see all related pieces of feedback, and the customer details etc, and then you would use whatever tool you normally use to contact your customers to let them know that this has been released. For example, your CRM, in-app messaging, email etc. To aid this you can export the feedback which includes the email addresses, as added as part of the feedback.

You can also easily navigate to your email provider from within the piece of feedback by clicking the Send email icon from the side menu. This allows you to contact the customer via your email provider. If your chosen email provider is Gmail, you can follow this useful guide in order to enable Mailto to open in Gmail.

Top Tip

Once you have alerted the customer that their request has been made available, be sure to archive the feedback. This way it doesn't remain active in your Reviewed section!

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