How often should I review feedback?


Reviewing feedback regularly will allow you to keep on top of your backlog and make sure you’re understanding what customers are sending your way. Review as regularly as you would ideas. Feedback can often be ignored and deprioritised, even though we recognize its importance, other day to day activities get in the way. Don’t let it slip away!

How to do it

Now here’s the tricky part. This all depends on the amount of feedback you have and when you feel you’re getting overwhelmed with triaging.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Nominate a person to manage the feedback backlog. This could be your head of support or success, but appoint someone from your business-facing team to make sure the backlog is always looked at. This will also allow them (and you) to understand how both teams work.
  • If you have a small number of feedback coming in, the nominated team member can probably triage once a week. The more feedback you have, the more time they’ll need to dedicate to this (could be an hour every day!) - Gauge the need/time and split it accordingly.

Top Tip

Make sure all feedback is tagged at the very least before you pass it on to “Backlog.” Even if you don’t have an idea to link it to, you’ll be able to track it down later! Feel free to double up on tags, ie: Usability + Reports : to find all usability on reports.

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