November 2021 Release Update

Features and Improvements 

  • Draft replies now save on discussions in Roadmap Initiatives when navigating to different tabs. 🥳
  • Using hashtag search to find ideas now supports using the actual Idea number as the search term. 🔦
  • The authentication flow has now been improved for users with multiple accounts to be more helpful. 🤝
  • We will now send a failure email when non ProdPad users attempt to use the email dropbox. 💌
  • We've added some hints around the app for the Idea and Feedback Dropbox feature. 👀
  • Tour Dot has landed! 🚀 There will now be a helpful tour guide for all trial accounts to help you complete the onboarding steps, and keep you updated on how much time you've got left on your trial. ⏰
  • The Feedback Frequency Chart has been updated! You can now customize the chart to make the view more specific to your needs, such as time frame and chart style. You can read more in the document here. 📈
  • Themes can now be excluded in Feedback Discovery! 🥳 This will allow you to remove any unwanted or irrelevant themes the bot has discovered. 👓
  • Conflict Resolution mechanics have now been applied to Notes and Functional Specs in Ideas. 🖐
  • There have been some search improvements applied to the Persona, Customer, and User dropdowns throughout app. 🔎

Fixes and Maintenance

  • Tab counts are now showing the correct number when viewing the Feedback tab within an Idea. ✅
  • When ProdPad was open in multiple tabs, and you switched accounts in one, it was not always switching accordingly in the others - this has now been fixed. 🛠
  • There was a bug blocking the feedback and idea dropbox from working as expected, but this has now been resolved! 🤓
  • There was an issue where certain data was being stored incorrectly when logging out, but this has now been resolved. 💪
  • Little UI fix with the Global Search and highlighting. 🤩
  • We will now only show the “password” as an authentication type if an active role with no open id value exists. 🔐
  • An error was occurring when moving an idea to the 'New Idea' workflow stage, but this has now been resolved. 🆕
  • The re-order User Stories tooltip can now be closed, whoops! ❌
  • There was a bug that was blocking the ability to add ideas from the ideas drop-down input - this has now been resolved! 💡
  • Fixed console error when display name cannot be found for deleted users in discussions. ✍️
  • The "Saved at” has now been removed from the header in-app, as it was a little inaccurate and not very helpful! 🙄
  • There was a bug where selecting a link to a User Story via an initiative was not working. This has now been resolved! 📚
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