We’ve built out an API and use Zapier to allow you to integrate ProdPad with a wide range of other tools and services, including development management tools, project and task management tools, and customer support tools – and many more! Zapier integrations are free and currently do not count towards your subscription package.

Hubspot (Feedback)

This article focuses on how to add feedback to ProdPad from Hubspot. 

To complete this Zap you will need:

  • A Hubspot account
  • A Zapier account
  • A ProdPad account

Step 1: Select your Trigger

To get this going, we will select the trigger from Hubspot as "New Ticket in Hubspot" and retrieve the following properties:

  • Ticket Information: Ticket ID
  • Ticket Information: Object ID
  • Ticket Information: Ticket Status
  • Ticket Information: Category
  • Ticket Information: Ticket Name
  • Ticket Information: Ticket Description


To ensure you have the right data, run a quick sample check. Be sure to update a request prior to running this check.


Step 2: Add a Filter

Next we will add a filter so that only tickets with a particular status move forward. In this case, we are choosing any ticket with the ticket category "Feature Request."


Step 3: Find Associations in Hubspot

This step will help us retrieve the contact's information based on the ticket submitted. 



Step 4: Get Contact Information

Now that we have located the contact, we want to get the correct information to then pass on to ProdPad.

This will be based on the contact found on step 3.


Step 5: Send to ProdPad

Now it's time to send feedback to ProdPad!

Here's the recommended mapping:

Hubspot ProdPad
Contact Information: First Name // Contact Information: Last Name 
(Based on Get Contact data)
Ticket Information: Name // Ticket Information: Description 
(Based on New Ticket data)
Contact Information: Email (Based on Get Contact data) User Email
Sales Team Source
Ticket ID (Based on New Ticket data) External Link Name
Ticket URL (Based on New Ticket data) External Link URL