How do I keep track of key results?

Once you have added key results to your objectives and linked the contributing cards, you will be able to track progress as you go.


Updating progress

To do so, click on the progress tracker next to the key result.


Once you update progress, you can enter an update as to why and what has changed.


Completing key results

As you work through and complete initiatives, go back to the key result and record the outcome. Did your work achieve the impact you wanted to achieve? This is the place to record it all!

You can select the completion date, the final progress, outcome, and select any additional initiatives you may have missed.



You will be able to see a list of all completed key results against an objective on the objective card.


Updating post-completion

If you need to go back and make changes to the outcome of the key result, simply click on the number of completed results listed on the objective. This will show you a list of all completed items.

Click on the item name to trigger the editing options.