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Pricing Feature Breakdown

As per our plans and pricing page:

Subscription Features

Product roadmap: Every product has a roadmap, so 'a product roadmap' refers to how many products (and roadmaps) you get per plan.

Product managers​: These are the users that will have editing rights within the application, whether as an admin (account owner) or editors (non-admins, still have editing rights.)

Essential ​Integrations: All integrations are considered 'essential', except those listed under the Advanced+ plans. Zapier is free integration on all paid subscriptions.

Team members: ​Team members refer to the number of reviewers in your account. Reviewers can add and edit their own ideas, but can't edit ideas added by others, change the roadmap, or access any company settings.​ This is great for your sales or support teams for example, where you still want them to cooperate in be part of conversations without editing key areas of the app. You can find more details on users and permissions here.

Customer Feedback Portal: Gather ideas and feedback from your customers direct from our free customer feedback portal. 


For plans Essential and above, you can purchase extra products and product managers as needed for $49 per month.

Advanced features

Advanced and Performance plans come with premium features such as Product Lines and a Portfolio Roadmap. These options allow you to group and view your products all in one single view, so you can better coordinate across teams.

This also includes the Advanced/Performance SSO options, which include SAML and ADFS.

Enterprise accounts also come with Premium Support & Training, which is discussed on a one on one basis.