How to choose the right ProdPad plan for your team

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ProdPad’s pricing is designed so that you only pay for what you need. As your team and product management needs evolve, you can easily adapt your plan to match. 

How ProdPad pricing works

ProdPad is made up of three modules: 

  • Roadmaps - everything you need to plan, visualize, share and manage your product strategy
  • Ideas - the best way to manage your product backlog
  • Feedback - the easiest way to gather user feedback

These modules are designed to work together or stand-alone. Each module includes the suite of core ProdPad features. When creating your plan, you choose which modules you need for your product management processes, and how many editors need access. This means you can tailor your subscription to your specific needs. 

You are charged per editor license, per month, with the option to be billed annually or monthly. With any plan, regardless of how many editors you have, you can add as many reviewers as you like, for free. Reviewers can add their own Ideas and Feedback, but can’t edit roadmaps. Learn more about user roles and permissions here

Core ProdPad features 

Any subscription to ProdPad, no matter how many editors or which modules you select, includes the following core features: 

What's included in each module 

Along with the core features, each module has an essential and advanced version - our main pricing page details what each version includes.

User roles

There are three user roles in ProdPad:

  • Admin - has administrative control of the entire account and products, including billing and account settings (the person who set up your trial account will by default be an admin)
  • Editor - has edit control over products and roadmaps, and can create integrations
  • Reviewer - can add and edit their own ideas and feedback, but can only view and comment on those added by others. 

With any ProdPad subscription, you get unlimited free Reviewers. See here for a full breakdown of roles and permissions

Finding the right plan for your team

You have the option to start small and scale up as you need and experiment to find the best fit. You can edit your plan, add or remove editors and change your modules at any time in Account settings. If you'd like to talk to the team about the different modules and get advice what configuration is best for your needs - get in touch.

Accepted forms of payment

We accept credit/debit card payments on all available subscriptions.

Annual versus monthly billing

You can choose whether you are billed annually, once a year, or are charged monthly. Annual billing gives you a 20% discount on the cost of modules. By choosing annual billing, you are locking in that discount from the start. If you decide to change to monthly billing, we will prorate the difference for the remainder of the year.  

How to change your plan 

An account admin can do this at any time in Account settings, see How to update or change your plan.  

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