How do I create tags?

You can find or add a new tag from within any of your roadmap cards, ideas, or feedback. Simply start typing in the drop down menu. If the tag does not exist, it will allow you to create one. 

Alternatively, you can also head over to your Account Settings> Workflow parameters to manage all tags.

To delete a tag, please do so from the Workflow page under Account Settings


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    Rachel Doepker

    Every time I type a new tag and hit enter, it just picks one from the list. If I type in a tag and click "Save & Close" the tag just disappears. Help?

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    Lauren Chin

    Is there any way to customize colors of each Tag?

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    Andrea Saez

    Hi Lauren,
    There is no customization of tag colors at this time. If you'd like to give us more feedback as to why, please do so via