How do I filter my ideas?

You can filter your Ideas in the "Ideas List" page using a variety of available filters, based on one of three views:

  • List
  • Chart
  • Workflow

Filters can be hidden and show at any time from the Ideas List page.



You can refine your bank of ideas against even as specific criteria as you need by using multiple tags or combining any of these filters. You can also order these by date, impact, effort, customer desire, popularity, and detailedness.

You can filter by multiple tags by simply clicking on each tag - with each new tag being added to the filter.

To deselect a tag, just click on it again. To reset all filters click on 'reset filters' at the top.


If this is an important filter, you can always save it!


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    richard kirk

    How is Customer desire calculated?

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    Andrea Saez

    Hi @richard,
    Customer desire is measured by the number of customer feedback attached to an idea. The more feedback an idea has, the greater the # behind customer desire.

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    Ben Codepositive

    This is not a very helpful explanation of how to filter things on Prodpad unless you already know how to filter things on Prodpad. There's no screenshots, no images, no URL links or explanation for the '"Ideas List" page'. This is very far away from what would normally be described as a knowledge base article and I definitely do not find this 'article' useful for explaining anything to the users I am currently trying to train. If only you made as much effort with your knowledge base as you do with your sales pitch: