17-10-17 Release Update


Wait for it....

  • We now have saved filters! Create and share your filters so you can keep an eye on trends that are of interest to you. WOOT WOOT. 


  • Cursor reset bug magically vanished. ✨
  • Additional check to prevent feedback count and actual feedback being mismatched in Idea detail Feedback page.
  • Uploading images (designs) no longer triggers multiple uploaders.
  • Creating feedback/idea now links them properly.
  • When switching accounts, the user is redirected to Dashboard to prevent errors and issues with switching accounts.
  • Query filters have context placeholders.
  • Copying of Pivotal Tracker and Rally integrations has been fixed.
  • Now able to map a Slack channel to "none" if you don't want it to publish to that channel.


Release V 3.32

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