17-06-21 Release Update

We welcome the summer with an amazing new update! ☀️


Customer Feedback
We've overhauled the customer feedback module!
Now you can manage contacts (previously known as 'customers') as well as companies.

The following updates are available on the contact level:

  • Contact job role
  • Association with a persona
  • Add tags
  • Additional contact fields
  • Add a link to external information on the contact such as a CRM profile
  • Add a photo of the user

Each contact displays feedback in three lists: unsorted, backlog and archived.

You can also see the ideas associated to the contact via the association to their feedback.Contacts can be edited via the list to bulk change the company, products, personas or tags. They can also be bulk deleted (please delete with caution!)

Companies are a way to group contacts together and get the whole context of what's going on within a company. Companies are only available in premium and higher plans.

The available details for a company are as follows:
  • Name
  • Location (city & country)
  • Size of the company
  • Value of the company to you
  • Photo or logo of the company
  • Tag
  • CRM profile

For each company you can see the unsorted, backlog and archived feedback (via the associated contacts), the list of associate contacts as well as the list of associated ideas (via the feedback).

The list of companies can be filtered on country, size, value and tag.

Companies can be edited in bulk by selecting as many from the list to edit the company size, company value and add tags. You can also bulk delete companies as well (please do so with caution!)

We've added additional metadata to the feedback to help you slice and dice things better.

Feedback can now:
  • Be associated to a product
  • Be associated to a persona
  • Be associated to a company (via the contact)
  • Display source of the feedback (e.g. email, widget, customer support request, conference etc.)
  • Show who added it
  • Show date/time added
  • Link to external resources (like customer support tickets)
  • Add attachments 
  • Add comments and notes to each feedback
    Hold internal votes 
You can see all the ideas linked to feedback in list format along with the chart and new workflow view.
In addition to the new unsorted state, we've made a range of changes to the list management.

New filters have been added including:
  • Companies
  • Company value
  • Company size
  • Company country
  • Products
  • Personas
  • Creators
  • Source of the feedback
  • Whether or not it is linked to an idea

We've also added in the bulk editing of feedback. Simply select all the feedback you need to edit and shazam! 

Our primary changes in the ideas module is a revamp of the idea canvas and improvement of workflow of the ideas.

Idea Canvas
Gone are the days of a 100 tabs per idea!

The only two default tabs will be requirements - which include Description and Business case, alongside the idea attributes and priority scoring - and customer feedback. All additional tabs can be added as needed.

All idea attributes, including products, personas, tags, owned, authored, date/time added, ID and state are combined into a neater more compact information section. This section also shows the external links (including service if pushed via an integration), whether you are receiving notifications for the idea changes and whether the idea is visible or not on the customer feedback portal.

Effort and impact has been moved into its own section that allows you to drag & drop the idea on the chart to set effort & impact as well as using the slider.

Idea stage is now indicated on the new workflow tab.

Idea list
In addition to the new unsorted state, we've improved the bulk management of the ideas.

You can now select ideas and:

  • Bulk edit tags, products, personas, workflow stage, visibility on portal, author and owner
  • Bulk delete ideas (please be careful - don't make us tell you again)
  • Export as CSV or XLSX
  • Move between lists (unsorted, backlog and archived)

The backlog list of ideas can be visualized as either a list, the priority chart or as a workflow board. 

The workflow board is there to help you manage and visualize the ideas as they move through your workflow. The board is a kanban-like view with the columns made up of the idea stages you've defined.

Each idea is displayed as a card on the board and you can drag and drop the cards between the different stages thereby changing the idea stage.

If the idea has been pushed to a 3rd party app by one of ProdPad's direct integrations this will be indicated on the card.
We've got further plans for improvements, so please contact hello@prodpad.com if you'd like to be involved in the user testing.
But wait... there's more!


  • Issue with copy/pasting titles in FireFox has been resolved. Silly Fox.
  • Added persistence to card collapse state
  • Export option is now only visible if there are items to export
  • Fixed the mapping dropdowns not closing properly
  • Reviewers can now delete user stories for ideas they created
  • Exported/publish view of roadmap card orders now match properly
  • Lists in user stories now show properly in published idea canvas
  • Admins can now be downgraded to editor if all editor slots are utilised
  • Portal emoji titles are now correct
  • In published roadmaps, the <> are now shown correctly


  • Ideas and user stories can now be added to candidate roadmap cards from idea canvas
  • Triaging mode has now been improved and now available for feedback
  • Display of drop downs improved to show a max of 100
  • Update the selection dropdowns to be more user friendly
  • Contacts and companies are now available by search
  • Updated JIRA integration copy to reflect JIRA changes
  • Improved error message when trying to upload PDFs to designs
  • Various minor CSS improvements
  • Updates and improvements to invites and people tabs, with easier filtering and display.
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