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A Contact Profile is a record of an individual user or customer designed to help you track the criteria important to you as a product manager.

When submitting a new piece of feedback, you can create a new contact profile or select from an existing one.

To fill out the profile further, access it by clicking on the contact name on either the feedback or the feedback list. The following attributes are available for contacts:

  • Name
  • Email (unique identifier - be sure to enter this to avoid creating duplicates)
  • Phone Number
  • Twitter URL
  • Job Role
  • Bio

In addition, you can also attribute the following:

  • Company 
  • Tags
  • Personas
  • CRM Link

Under the contact's profile, you will be able to see how many piece of feedback they have submitted, how they've been triaged, and whether or not any ideas were created as a result. This gives you success teams the ability to keep their customers informed about how their feedback is moving forward!

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