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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions
      All admins and editors have access to link an idea to a product. If the product has a portal, the idea will be displayed.

To push ideas to the Customer Feedback Portal, head to the Attributes on the right hand panel of the Idea canvas and toggle the Show on Portal option to green.

This will make your idea available for your customers to indicate they want it and send in feedback. If you have selected a portal for a specific product, the idea will need to be linked to the product first in order for it to display on the portal as expected.

Making an idea visible will publish the idea title and description only. No other fields within the idea will be made public. 

Ideas in your portal will show up in a random order, ensuring that all your ideas get equal exposure. There is a maximum of 9 ideas that can be pushed at a time. If there are more than 9 ideas marked as Visible on Portal, then only the 9 most recent will be shown.

To remove an idea from the portal, toggle the option back to grey to disable the idea.

What happens to feedback received for an idea in the portal?

All feedback received for an idea in the portal will automatically come through linked to the idea as well as the product. They will be placed into your Feedback Inbox so it can be triaged and validated as needed.

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