Roadmap Views

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  • Availability
    • Plan: All
  • Roles and Permissions

    There are no restrictions for creating custom views.

You can work with the saved views option to allow you to create different styles of viewing your roadmap cards.

In this document we will review:

Available default views

There are three views available by default for all users:

  • Collapsed
    Shows only objectives and initiative title. Counts for other items (like ideas, stories and tags) can be customized.

  • Expanded
    Includes initiative title, description, objectives, and icons for additional items such as impact/effort and owners.

  • Detailed
    Includes objectives, title, description, tags, and details about ideas and user stories.

Create your own custom view

To create your own custom view, click on Saved Views > View Settings. On the slide out, select the items you wish to see. You will have details available on both the card display and your ideas/user stories.

Click Update to see your new view, and if you're happy with the display, go back to Saved Views and select Save View As to name and create the new view.

To edit the view, hover over its name to update your settings.

All views are personal and cannot be shared with other users.

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