March 2022 Release Update

New and Improved

  • Modular Pricing has landed! πŸ’₯ We have now introduced a new modular pricing structure for all new customers only, which will allow new plans to be more flexible and customizable depending on the size and requirements of a team. You can read more about what this means on our site and help center. πŸ‘€
  • We have added interaction messages around the app for different modules and power-ups.☝️
  • We have now added lazy loading for Workflow columns and Portfolio and Product Line Roadmaps to make the pages run a little faster! 🐌
  • The Feedback PUT endpoint in the ProdPad API now supports adding personas, products, and tags. 🏷

Fixes and Maintenence 

  • When searching for an attribute around the app, the search term was not clearing once you had selected a result from the dropdown, but this has now been fixed! πŸ› 
  • The incorrect number of related feedback within the Ideas list was showing after a contact had been deleted, but this has now been resolved. πŸͺ„
  • The Country filter within the feedback list was non-expandable and unusable, but this has now been fixed! 🌍
  • There was a bug where Key results could not be used during trials πŸ€¦β™€οΈ but now you can! πŸ’ͺ
  • We have removed the β€œexplorer” option from the onboarding flow to make things more simplified for trialists. πŸ—Ί
  • We have given the onboarding help dot for trialists a little makeover. πŸ’…
  • We have now ensured that Product Objectives within Published Roadmaps are removed when you downgrade to a plan that does not support them. 🎯
  • There was a bug that was blocking New Ideas from moving along the workflow, but this has now been fixed! ➑️
  • You could not click into an idea within the New Idea column on the workflow, but now you can! πŸ’₯
  • There were issues with the drag and drop function within the Completed and Candidate sections of the roadmap, but this has now been resolved. πŸ‘
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