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Modular Pricing Plan ( new customers only)

The modular pricing plan allows you to pick from modules and power-ups to customize the features that you and your teammates need. All features are charged per user, per month, so you can specify how large or small your team needs to be. Each plan includes core features, which you can see below, and an unlimited amount of reviewers.


  • Admin: The admin user will be the initial user that has set up your account.
  • Editors: Have full access to create, edit, update and prioritize all resources within the account. Editors are usually those actively working on your product and are charged on a per-user basis.
  • Reviewers: Can add and edit their own ideas and feedback, but can only view and comment on those added by others. Reviewers are always free and unlimited.

Core Features (Included with Every Plan)


Modules are each charged at $20 per month, per user when billed annually, and $25 when billed monthly.

  • Roadmap Module: 
    • Now/Next/Later roadmaps
    • Outcome-focused initiatives
    • Candidate, current, and completed views
    • Portfolio objectives
    • Prioritize ideas on initiatives
  • Ideas Module: 
    • Multiple backlog views
    • User stories, functional specs, and designs
    • Idea email dropbox
    • Merge, link, and split ideas
    • Voting, filtering, and triage
  • Feedback Module: 
    • Customer feedback portal
    • Feedback email dropbox
    • Segmentation by company, persona, source, and more
    • Similarity matching
    • Contacts and companies

Power Up's

Power-Ups are each charged at $10 per month, per user when billed annually, and $12 when billed monthly. The availability of Power-Ups will depend on the Modules already selected:

  • Publishing Power-Up (Available with Roamdap Module Only) Create as many roadmap views as you want and publish them as a PDF, URL, or embed code. Keep it simple for internal/external teams by customizing the level of detail you wish to show.
  • OKR Power-Up (Available with Roamdap Module Only) Set individual product objectives to target granular areas. And measure Key Results such as revenue, user growth, and market share to ensure you stay on track to achieve your big-picture objectives.
  • Portfolio Power-Up (Available with Roamdap Module Only) Group multiple products into product lines, and view them as one product line roadmap. See the full picture of your entire portfolio on one screen with our product canvas.
  • Dev Team Power-Up (Available with Ideas Module Only) Create a sync with Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, and many more to create a workflow that lets you push ideas and specs to development with one click. Monitor progress from ProdPad or your dev tool of choice.
  • Portal Power-Up (Available with Feedback Module Only) Create a general or product-specific Customer Feedback Portal in your brand’s colors. Publish as a standalone page, or use a widget to collect feedback from anywhere you feature it on your website.
  • Governance Power-Up (Available with any Modules) As you grow, so do your IT requirements. Get everything required to please your IT admin. We’ve worked out all the edge cases and are confident ProdPad will fit like a hand in a glove.

What's the right fit for you?

We have a CSV file that breaks down all the features mentioned above and allows you to compare and tick which components you'll need to build your plan. Download it out here - ProdPad Modular Feature Comparison

If you need any help calculating, you can also check out our modular calculator on the ProdPad site. 

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