21-05-26 Release Update

New and Improved 

  • Ask DotBot has landed in Beta Mode! This new Beta feature will allow users to Ask DotBot questions about the feedback you have in your account. Want to know how feature x could be improved? Just Ask DotBot! 🤖
  • The Sandbox toggle is now more visible in the main navigation, making it more discoverable to new users. 👓
  • The subscription table now has hover over hints to provide more insight into particular features when users are looking to change plans in ProdPad. 🤓


  • When selecting to view Feedback from the link in the Slack integration, you would see the 'Uh oh this doesn't exist...' empty state if the feedback was added recently. This has now been fixed 🛠
  • When copying content from one Idea to another, the dialog now reads “copy” instead of ”move”, as this was a little misleading. 🧐
  • When a user did not have a full name assigned in ProdPad, any roadmaps they were linked too would not publish as expected. This has now been resolved! 🎉
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