Which ProdPad plan is best for my team?

All our plans include the essentials you need to set up your product processes with ProdPad, including:

  • Objectives
  • Roadmaps
  • Ideas
  • Feedback
  • Integrations & API to integrate with key feedback and delivery tools
  • Basic SSO
  • Unlimited Reviewers to allow key stakeholders outside of the product team to get in on the action - free of charge!

Our plans adapt to suit the needs of your team, making sure you have the capabilities you need to get the outcomes that are important to you. If you manage multiple product lines, work across many products, or are B2B, the Advanced plan is probably right for you. And if you are a larger organization with multiple product teams and want more granular SSO control, then Performance is the way to go.

You can see more about what is included in the plans below:




On-premise and single tenancy can be accommodated by request, please speak with the team to discuss your needs.

More information on pricing can be found here.

Got specific Single Sign-On needs?

Here are the minimum plans required, based on your SSO needs:

Single Sign-On requirements Minimum plan
Google SSO Essential
Slack SSO Essential
SAML SSO Advanced
ADFS SSO Performance
SCIM (User provisioning) Performance
Multiple domain support Performance
Multiple ProdPad accounts Performance
Configurable login timeout Performance
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