21-03-04 Release Update


  • Beta Mode is here! 🧪 This is an opt in toggle for all accounts*, and all users, to get early access to prototypes and experiments within the app. This will allow you test the new features out, but also give us lots of feedback on them too! 👍 The two features being released with Beta today are: 
    • Tag Suggestions - DotBot will now suggest useful tags for your feedback while you triage!
    • Theme Discovery - DotBot has analysed your customer feedback to show you the most prominent themes!
  • We have added some new filters across the Ideas, Feedback and Roadmap sections so the process of searching for the information you really need is a little easier. This includes: 
    • Product Line, Source, Roadmap Initiative, Objective and Date Range for the Ideas list
    • Date Range for the Feedback list
    • Feedback Attached for the Company and Contacts lists 
    • Owner and Column for Product Roadmaps
    • Product Manager, Product and Owner for Product Line Roadmaps
    • Date Range for Candidate and Completed Roadmaps 
    • Product and Owner for Portfolio Roadmaps


  • You were unable to sort your feedback by company name, and ordering by Z-A. This has now been fixed and is working as expected. 🛠
  • When trying to add a user that had an apostrophe in their email address the invite was not sending. 🤦This will no longer be an issue, and you can invite who you wish! 
  • The Slack bot was notifying you of a new comment within a thread, even though you were the last to reply, which was pretty unhelpful. The bot has been fixed, and you'll no longer receive useless information! 🎉
  • When trying to @ mention certain users within your account, ProdPad was unable to find them. This has now been resolved and all users can be located. 🗺
  • The 'Outcome' placeholder text when completing initiatives was a little wonky, but now it's straight! ⚖️

*Beta is not currently available for Enterprise plans, but will be in next weeks release.

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