21-01-27 Release Update

New and Updated

  • Quick filters have been added to the Feedback section, allowing all users to filter by favorite products and items added by them.

  • Sandbox header styles have been updated and text contrast increased, making the CTA more noticeable. This provides further accessibility support, making the Sandbox that much easier to navigate and use. 


  • A character limit was introduced when using incorrect Slack commands, ensuring easier matching to the correct command and preventing errors. This makes the Slack App a lot easier to interact with as it suggests more informative interactions.
  • Favorite products and tool tips were resetting when switching accounts. Now you can easily make the switch without losing your favorite products and product lines, or seeing information you've previously dismissed in tool tips. 
  • When multiple authentication methods are available, login copy was showing SAML as the default. 🙈 We now display both the correct SSO login method as well as the correct copy to support it.

Release v6.108

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