20-09-09 Release Update

New and Improved

  • JIRA users rejoice - We now fully support NextGen projects! From today you can set up your projects and keep track of workflow syncs and parent-child relationships on push. With this ProdPad supports JIRA NextGen, Cloud and Server. 🎉 Get your integration started here
  • Triage of designs is here! Yes, you read that right. When clicking on designs within the idea page, you can navigate designs quickly. This makes sure you get onto your daily work in a breeze.

Triage of designs is here

Triaging is also available from the within the ideas list, as you navigate from the lightbox.


  • Notification banners now “stack”, allowing multiple banners (such as verify email and extend trial) to display at the same time. This ensures users can see important messages from the ProdPad team, resulting in faster onboarding and improved usage of the app.



  • All the SAML fixes. Thank you all for your ongoing patience while we tackled this tough stuff. 🙏🏻Fixes include:
    • Signup with SAML causes unknown method error.
    • SCIM groups for multiple accounts.
    • SCIM allow accounts to exceed purchased admin limit.
    • Allow Enterprise accounts with SAML configured to set roles in app.
  • Persona image will now display a preview when uploading new image on persona creation.

  • Ideas on roadmap card now align with those on the idea view within the card and don't show up upside down and backwards. 🙈
  • Empty states display properly for reviewers on Starter accounts.
  • Fuzzy search dropdown now collapses when the search term is empty.
  • Fuzzy search dropdown now closes as expected if you type and then quickly perform a global search.
  • Statuses are now filtered by the project/issue type combination so only those relevant are shown when mapping workflow to JIRA statuses.
  • Headers for different ProdPad fields passed through to JIRA, including business case, functional specs and notes, to clearly indicate sections.
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