20-07-27 Release Update

New and Improved

  • Our new ProdPad Sandbox is here! 🎉 If you need a bit of guidance with best practices, are curious about how ProdPad can help, or need some space to understand ProdPad a bit better without having to add and delete items in your own account, we've got your back!

    ProdPad's sandbox mode is here to help you. From roadmap setup to idea and feedback management, the sandbox highlights the most optimal way to maintain your account. Drag and drop, add and remove to your heart's content - whenever you're ready, just head back to your ProdPad account and keep moving forward.


  • Keep your data safe with classifications. If you manage sensitive information, data classification labels are available from today. Use them to highlight different levels of information across roadmaps, ideas and feedback, ensuring everyone in your team knows the sensitivity of the data that is being worked on and looked at.

    Want to find out more? We've got a release update video for you! 

Data classification is currently only available on our Enterprise plan. If you'd like to find out more, drop us a line and we'd be happy to guide you through it!

  • Account selector during login now available for users that are part multiple accounts. Jumping into your preferred account is now a breeze! You no longer need to wait until you've landed on the dashboard, now you can get to the right account with our new account selector as you're logging in. The internal account switcher is of course still available, so if you need to switch again you can do so from the comfort of your dashboard.



  • A minimum height has been applied to lists to prevent tooltips in the lower rows being cut off on hover.

  • When navigating to the Security tab in Account Settings, the default landing option is now SSO instead of Login Timeout.
  • Fixed content not persisting on documentation tab on refresh. Well that certainly doesn't sound like a fun one.
  • Warning on sign up now shows correct SSO type, instead of "log in with [blank]!"
  • Sorting by feedback in an ideas list now displays correct ascending/descending numbers.
  • Product managers assigned to a product are now able to edit customer feedback portal content.

Release v6.77

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