20-05-14 Release Update


Advanced SAML 2.0 is here! 🎉
This new update includes:

  • Login timeout
    This help increase security by allowing you to set a time limit on how long your user accounts can sit inactive.
  • Additional domainsIf your company manages multiple domains, you can now set them up! This way your users know how to authenticate themselves with your identity provider when logging into ProdPad.
  • Account association
    If you're on our Enterprise or Performance accounts, you can now manage account associations for users. This allows you to decide straight from your IdP which users can login to which ProdPad accounts.

Admins with associated account SAML setups can also now invite users straight into associated ProdPad accounts from the app invite module, instead of having to rely on the IdP change.


  • Range input sliders, like the impact/effort scales, are now a little easier to use. 

  • When updating your subscription package, the audit log will now reflect this accordingly with the plan name instead of saying your subscription has been removed.

  • When creating new portfolio objective, slideout header now says 'portfolio' instead of 'product,' because .. well, that's what you're adding.


Release v6.56

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