20-02-13 Release Update



We're super excited to bring you the new version of our Slack integration to bring you more flexibility and improve the way you and your team integrate and collaborate between ProdPad and Slack.

The new Slack app updates include:

  • New slash commands will replace hashtags (ie, /prodpad instead of #idea)
  • New message actions on existing text in Slack. This allows you to select an existing Slack message and send it to ProdPad as either an idea or feedback. Message actions and details are available for all users.

  • More detailed information on ProdPad URLs displayed on Slack, including product name, tags, and personas for all ideas and feedback, providing more detailed context on links pasted.

  • Reply directly to threads from Slack, including pasted ProdPad URLs. All discussions will be synced directly to the ProdPad discussion and thread.
  • @mention users directly in threads to bring them into the conversation, with auto-syncing to the ProdPad thread included.


  • Ability to turn idea, feedback, and voting actions on and off, making the app options more customizable.
  • Ability to submit ideas and feedback on a per-product basis.
  • Ability to add attachments to ideas and feedback by adding a message action to an uploaded Slack image.


Before updating, please be sure read our Slack upgrade Q&A document for considerations on upgrading to this new version, how to get started, and planning a full team roll-out.

For information and details on all functionality, please refer to our Slack set up guide.

Publishing Roadmaps

But wait... there's more! As of today you now have more control over how to publish your roadmaps

New functionality includes:

  • More display options, including card owners and impact & effort scoring
  • Create unlimited published roadmaps with views for various stakeholders and target audiences
  • Create, expire and track created published roadmaps across your account

If you have an existing published roadmap and would like to transition to this new version, drop us a line!

New Apps menu 

There is a new Apps menu where you will find the Customer Feedback Portal and the new Published Roadmaps functionality.

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