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Steps for implementation

This is an example of the standard steps organizations go through when implementing ProdPad. We’ll expand in later sections on advice on how to work through each step.

  1. Initial review - what are the key areas of ProdPad that solve your immediate problems e.g. roadmap, managing ideas, gathering feedback.
  2. Identify key stakeholders - who is vital in helping to implement the tool, which teams/departments do you need input from?
  3. Work through configuration & identifying how your organization will use ProdPad
  4. Communicate with the wider stakeholders.
  5. Review your initial implementation - where are there still areas for improvement & further utilising ProdPad?

ProdPad is flexible and can adapt to suit the needs of your organization as you grow or teams change. If you’d like to review your usage at any time, you can have an implementation review with us.