What's the best way to set up my Products?


Got lots of products? Keep your roadmaps easy to understand by targeting them at user value, rather than the internal team structure.

How to do it

When setting up your product lines and products, consider the audience and purpose of the resulting roadmap. It’s not meant to be a release plan, it’s meant to show how your company will provide end-user value - so write it that way! If your app has a front end component and back end component, don’t create a product (and roadmap) for each - create a single product. That’s how your users see it, so that’s how the roadmap should be created. 

Top tip!

If your next big change requires changes by multiple teams, create a single initiative that is made up of ideas which will be executed by multiple teams. Tag your roadmap card with the team names involved, so that each team can see which initiatives they’ll be working on.

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