How do I save a roadmap card view?

You can work with the saved views option to allow you to create different styles of viewing your roadmap cards.

There are three default views to get you started:

  • Collapsed
    Shows only objectives and card title.


  • Expanded
    Includes objectives, card title, description, tags, and visibility.

  • Detailed
    Includes objectives, card title, description, tags, ideas, user stories, and visibility.



Creating your own view

To create your own custom view, click on Saved ViewsView Settings. On the slide out, select the items you wish to see. You will have details available on both the card display and your ideas/user stories.


If you hide ideas on the card display options, any items selected on the Ideas/User stories settings will have no impact, as ideas and stories will be hidden from view.

Click Update to see your new view, and if you're happy with the display, go back to Saved Views and select Save View As to name and create the new view.


To edit the view, hover over its name to update your settings.

All views are personal and cannot be shared with other users.

Top tip 

Apply filters to expand your custom views!