How do I assign a product manager to a product?



Product Management Permissions are only available to Performance+ customers

What are product managers?

Product managers add a level of selective functionality access within the application. You can assign product manager status to any admin or editor within the app.

This means the user will have exclusive access to make changes to the product and roadmap, deciding how and when the roadmap is edited and managed.

Product manager assignments also ensure that when adding an idea or feedback, the product is pre-selected for the user as default. If part of multiple products, those products will be moved to the top of the dropdown list.


  • An account with editors and no assigned product managers will keep their usual product permissions.
  • An account with editors that has product managers assigned to a product will give only those editors exclusive rights to the product, while remaining unassigned editors will have view-only status to that product, while keeping usual permissions to products with no product managers.
  • Admins always retain access to edit all products, regardless of product manager assignments.

Product Managers assigned to a product have exclusive rights to:

  • Update Product Canvas
  • Update Roadmap
  • Assign ideas to the roadmap


    Admin Unassigned Editor Product Manager
Products View product canvas x x x
  Edit product canvas x   x
  Export product canvas x x x
  Add files to product canvas x   x
  View documentation x x x
  Edit documentation x   x
  Follow/unfollow product canvas x x x
  Delete product x    
Roadmaps View product roadmap x x x
  Edit column title x   x
  Add a new card x   x
  Edit a card title x   x
  Edit a card description x   x
  Edit a public card x   x
  Edit a card style x   x
  Complete, Archive, Activate a card x   x
  Delete a card x   x
  Move a card within a column x   x
  Move a card between columns x   x
  Add an idea to a roadmap card x   x
  Add a user story to a roadmap card x   x
  Remove an idea from a roadmap card x   x
  Remove a user story from a roadmap card x   x
  Position the ideas/story in the pipeline x   x
  Move idea/user story between cards x   x
  Tag a card x   x
  Remove a tag from a card x   x
  Export roadmap x x x
  Filter roadmap x   x
  View completed/archived cards x   x
  Share product roadmap via URL/iframe x   x
  Share product roadmap via email to existing users x   x
  Share product roadmap via email to non-existing users x   x
  Add global Objective x   x
  Add product specific Objective x   x
  Edit global Objective x   x
  Edit product-specific Objective x   x
  Add Card Owner x   x
  Edit Card Owner x   x


How do I assign a product manager to a product?

To assign a product manager to a product, you can do so in one of two ways:

During the product creation

When creating a new product, on the attributes panel you will be asked to select product managers. A list of existing admins and editors will be available.



From the product canvas

If you have already created your product but want to add/edit product managers, click on the “Product Managers” option on the product canvas.



Only admins can assign other users as Product Managers to a product.