Rolling out

Before you start inviting users, there are a couple of other key aspects we would advise you consider and put in place, to help with a smooth rollout and implementation.

Implementation Advice

Sometimes it’s not as easy as turning on a tool and people will automatically see the benefits. It’s important to consider all your stakeholders and how you will encourage them to use it and communicate the change to them.

Key things to consider from their point of view:

  • How will they see this change, are they normally resistant or happy to try something new?
  • If there will be resistance, try and work through what these objections may be and consider how you could reframe these.
  • What problems do they have that this will solve?
  • What added benefits will this bring them?
  • From an organization perspective, what does this mean as a whole? Why have you chosen to introduce this?

Top tip!

Identifying key advocates who can see the benefits and will help with implementation will also help to share some of the workload when it comes to introducing a new tool, alongside your day job!

How do you normally communicate organization changes to your colleagues? What will be the best way to let people know of the change and how it will help them?

Key areas you might like to highlight (and you can use our resources for this):

  • What is ProdPad?
  • Why should you care?
  • How does this connect with delivery/development/project management/existing tools?
  • Potential once embedded - where you can start thoughts on how this tool can extend further benefits.
  • Terminology mapping - show how terms used within ProdPad map to your existing processes.