Initial Set up

Now you’ve got a shared understanding of the capabilities of ProdPad, you can start having a play around with how you want it to be set up for your organization. Don’t worry you don’t have to get this perfect right from the start, ProdPad is set up to be flexible and can adapt, scale and grow with your organization. These few steps will help you get off to a good start and you can then review and amend your implementation later on.


Often when implementing ProdPad, it will be tightly connected with reviewing processes, whether it be updating existing ones or implementing new ways of working. This can take time as it often involves bringing together different stakeholders to define and agree these processes and how you will be using ProdPad to work with these. Although it is definitely important to get agreement, it is worth getting started with areas of ProdPad, as often through using the tool and setting out ideas and roadmap cards, for example, you’re able to see where the process can be further refined.

Here is our Roll-out checklist which you can work through with your stakeholders to agree set up and how you will be using ProdPad.

Top tip!

  • Set up your products & complete your canvas
  • Import your backlog or add few ideas in (if you want to start with a clean slate)
  • Put some initial cards on your roadmap, ideally one in each column, remember this is a prototype for your strategy, it doesn’t have to be RIGHT and once you let colleagues in, you can review and update it.
  • Review the default headers for the Ideas Workflow, these are really important as they should map to your ideation process (the different stages an idea works through), keeping everyone updated as to the current status of ideas!
  • A useful activity with teams to ensure everyone’s on the same page is creating a matrix of your Impact/Effort scoring definitions. Here is an example from one of our customers.

Once you’ve reviewed the above items, book in for an Implementation chat with us so we can support you with any questions and make sure you’re set up and ready to go