What is the difference between Global and Product-Specific Objectives?

If you are an admin or editor on an Advanced plan or higher, you can now create your objectives as Global (for all products) or Product-Specific (for just one product). For Starter and Essential customers objectives are Global by default.

How do I make an objective global or Product-Specific?

You can set an objective as Global or Product-Specific when you first create your objective. Just toggle the All Products setting.


If you have the All Products setting toggle off the objective will only be available on the product you are currently viewing.

This setting is only available at creation, once you have set an objective as Global or Product-Specific it cannot be edited later.

How can I tell if an objective is Global or Product-Specific?

You can see if objectives are Global or Product-Specific in the list when adding objectives to your roadmap card. You will see an icon to identify a Global objective.


When editing a Global objective you will also see a label “Enabled for all Products”


What happens when I edit a Global objective?

If you make a change to the name or the color for your Global objectives this change will be seen on roadmap cards of all the products the objectives have been added.