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Slack Upgrade Q&A

The new Slack integration is here! Before you upgrade, please read through the following considerations.

Why should I upgrade my Slack integration?

We're super excited to bring you the new version of our Slack integration to bring you more flexibility and improve the way you and your team integrate and collaborate between Slack and ProdPad.

Using the new Slack functionality the update will now allow you to reply to threads in ProdPad directly from Slack, create messages through Slack actions, and even vote on ideas plus much more - all from your Slack workspace.

We have outlined all the new functionality and what this means for you and your team below.

What new functionality is included in this upgrade?

The new Slack app updates include:

  • New slash commands will replace hashtags (ie, /prodpad instead of #idea)
  • New message actions on existing text in Slack. This allows you to select an existing Slack message and send it to ProdPad as either an idea or feedback. Message actions and details are available for all users.
  • More detailed information on ProdPad URLs displayed on Slack, including product name, tags, and personas for all ideas and feedback, providing more detailed context on links pasted.
  • Reply directly to threads from Slack, including pasted ProdPad URLs. All discussions will be synced directly to the ProdPad discussion and thread.
  • @mention users directly in threads to bring them into the conversation, with auto-syncing to the ProdPad thread included.
  • Ability to turn idea, feedback, and voting actions on and off, making the app options more customizable.
  • Ability to submit ideas and feedback on a per-product basis.
  • Ability to add attachments to ideas and feedback.

For information and details on all functionality, please refer to our Slack set up guide.

Setup, roll out and getting your users ready


This upgrade requires the integration creator, which may not necessarily be the account administrator. There are two ways of accomplishing this:

Through the bot
The Slack bot should have messaged you (the integration creator and owner) with a link to upgrade and authenticate to v2. Simply follow the link and the app will guide you through the upgrade.

Once you have re-authenticated your token and upgraded to the new version, the new functionality will kick in right away!

If the bot did not message you or the URL has expired, you can still do the upgrade manually. 

  • Step 1: The integration owner deletes the integration from the Integrations page.
  • Step 2: Confirm deletion in Slack by going to your Installed Apps page.
  • Step 3: Reinstall Slack from the Integrations page in ProdPad.

Reinstalling it manually will automatically install v2 from the Slack Marketplace.


Verify your selection for where the Slack App will notify of all new ideas and feedback in the Integrations page.

We recommend you get started by selecting the options your users have access to with the new app. The following are available:

  • Submitting ideas (On by default)
  • Submitting feedback (On by default)
  • Voting on ideas (Off by default)

You can update and change your options at any time by triggering the help options using /prodpad help

Informing your team

Once you’ve decided which options will be available, you can let your team know how to submit new items to ProdPad.

You can copy paste the following to your Slack channels to update them of the new commands:

  • To submit ideas, they can type /prodpad idea or  /prodpad idea [text]
  • To submit feedback, they can type /prodpad feedback or   /prodpad feedback [text]
  • To convert any existing text into a submission, hover over the message ellipsis and select the ProdPad app action.
  • Replying to any thread will automatically sync the conversation to ProdPad.

For more details on added functionality, please refer to our Slack set up guide.


Please be aware that the new command functionality and details of all submissions will become available to all users as soon as the upgrade occurs. All users in your Slack group will be able to submit a new idea or feedback with the ability to select products, tags, and personas as available in your ProdPad account.

When will v1 be deprecated?

We expect v1 of the Slack app will be available until the end of 2020. Until then, the v1 integration and old functionality will still be supported.