Working with objectives and key results


Objectives are strategic areas of interest or a particular goal you wish to achieve across your products. 

Objectives are available on the portfolio level across all subscription plans. That is, they can be applied to all roadmap cards on all available products. Starting with the Advanced plan, you can also create and assign product-specific objectives.

An initiative can have multiple objectives if needed, although we generally recommend having no more than 2 to ensure you don't lose sight of the scope of the initiative.

Key Results

Once an objective has been created, you can then create key results below it. Key results help you measure the impact of the objective itself.

For example, if your objective is around reducing churn, a key result may be to reduce churn by 10%.

Once your key result is created, you can also link initiatives to it so you have better understanding of how the work you are doing will impact those outcomes.