How do I add a Product Objective?


Product Objectives are available on Advanced+ plans only.

From the Product Objectives tab  

When you're in the Product Objectives tab within a specific product,  go to Add Product Objective, and this will prompt the slide out to create a new objective specific to that product.



Give the objective a name, select a color, and write a short description to ensure that it's clear to everyone in your team what the objective is about.

From the Roadmap Card 

Go to the objective field within any roadmap card to see your objective list. When adding a new product objective, click on Create new objective to prompt the slide out, and ensure the toggle is set to Product.


Once you've added a colour and label for your objective, it will be added to the specific product, and also visible in the product objectives within the tab. If you need to give the objective a description, you may access it from the Product Objective tab.