How do I add a Portfolio Objective?

Portfolio objectives are available on all plans, allowing you to ensure your entire team understands the goals behind the initiatives you are working on.

From the Portfolio Objectives tab 

You can access your portfolio objectives from both the Portfolio Objectives tab within your product portfolio, and the Product objectives subtab, within a specific product. 

To add a new objective, go to Add Portfolio Objective on the top right of either view, which will then prompt the slide out.



You’ll then see the option to give the objective a name, color and description, and once finished your new objective will be visible in the portfolio. 

If you need to edit these at any time, just select the objective to prompt the slide out again.

Within a Roadmap Card 

Click on the roadmap card to prompt the slideout, then click on the objective field to see your objective list.




To add a new objective, click on Create new objective. Here you can choose your objective title and select the label color. If you need to give the objective a description, you may access it from the Portfolio Objectives tab.

If you need to edit the objective, just hover over it and you'll see the Edit button.