Revision History

Revision History allows you to see changes to your Roadmap Cards, Ideas, Feedback and Personas as they are made. If you are an account admin, you can rollback to fix any mistakes that are made.

Revision history is available to accounts Essential and above.

How do I see changes in Revision History?

To access revision history for ideas or feedback, click on the ellipsis icon at the top right of the page and click on the Revision History icon to pop out the slideout.



To access revision history for Roadmap Cards, click into the card to trigger the slide-out then click on the ellipsis icon at the top right of the page and click on the Revision History icon to trigger the slide-out.


Within the slideout you will see the changes made, grouped by date and user.



If you want to know more about the changes made, click on the group. This will provide a detailed stream of all changes made, alongside the ability to undo that change.



What changes will Revision History show me?

Revision History will show the following updates: 

Roadmap Cards

  • Title(updated)
  • Description (updated)
  • Tags (added and removed)
  • Column - including completed/candidates (updated)
  • Ideas (added and removed)
  • User stories (added and removed)
  • Public/Internal state (updated)
  • Completed date (updated)
  • Completed result (updated)


  • Title (updated)
  • Description (updated)
  • Business case (updated)
  • User stories (added and removed)
  • Functional Specs (updated)
  • Notes (updated)
  • Designs (added and removed)
  • Files (added and removed)
  • State (updated)
  • Tags (added and removed)
  • Owner (updated)
  • Author (updated)
  • Product (added and removed)
  • Persona (added and removed)
  • Impact (updated)
  • Effort (updated)
  • Visibility on portal (updated)
  • External Link (added and removed)


  • Name (updated)
  • Description  (updated)
  • Goals (updated)
  • Behaviors (updated)
  • Frustrations/Limitations (updated)
  • File (added and removed)
  • Profile Image (updated)


  • Feedback description (updated)
  • State (updated)
  • Linked Ideas (added and removed)
  • Tags (added and removed)
  • Personas (added and removed)
  • Products (added and removed)
  • External Links (added and removed)
  • Files (added and removed)
  • Feedback Channel (updated)

How do I undo a change?

To undo a change, click on the group where the change is located to see the complete stream.

Hover over the item you wish to rollback and click on the 'undo' button. The change will be immediately applied and will show the previous version available to that field.


The undo functionality is available for the following fields:

Roadmap Cards

  • Title
  • Description 


  • Title
  • Description
  • Business Case
  • Functional Specs
  • Notes
  • Impact
  • Effort
  • Visibility on portal


  • Name
  • Goals
  • Description
  • Behavior
  • Frustrations/Limitations

Feedback is not available for rollback at this time.