Related Ideas [BETA]

Related Ideas presents you with a dynamic selection of the ideas you already have in ProdPad, based on the content of the idea or feedback you are adding via the Quick-add slideout.

When adding a new idea, ideas that are a match or closely related to the entered idea will appear. You can give your thoughts for the idea instead of adding it, avoiding the creation of duplicate ideas in your backlog.


When adding feedback, if the suggestions match the customer feedback you have entered, you will be provided with the option to link to the suggested ideas.


How are the Related Ideas matched?

The Related Ideas search uses what is typed in the Quick-add idea title field to find matches against existing Idea titles. 

Feedback uses the Quick-add Feedback details field to compare against the Idea description in existing ideas or, if it the existing ideas do not have a description, the Idea title will be used instead.

Why am I not seeing matching ideas?

The Related Ideas for ideas and feedback is not perfect, yet! You may find the suggestions do not always match. This is the first step in testing both the algorithm and UI to see if this is something you will find useful in ProdPad.

Currently the search is case sensitive and will only match if the words are in the correct order.

For example, if an idea has the title ‘Change revision history’ and a user types ‘revision history change’ as title for a Quick-add idea, the match will be about 86%. If the user were to type just 'revision history' this would be an 82% match.


To improve the relevance of Related Ideas returned, only results that are over a 55% match are shown.