Release Notes

New features, fixes, and improvements to the system will be posted here.

Release Update - June 21, 2018


  • Minor activity slideout UI improvements.
  • Minor on page discussion UI improvements.
  • When you open a slideout, the page no longer loses its position.
  • Shared filters now show creator's avatar.
  • We now support external file links to Box, OneDrive as well as generic links. 🎉
  • Minor activity email styling fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Fix to allow users to navigate Portal Customisation tabs.
  • No more duplicate or blank system emails being sent.

Beta Testers [Ideas List]

  • Adjustable columns! You get an adjustable column, you get an adjustable column, everybody gets an adjustable column!
  • Minor UI and UX improvements throughout the list.
  • Scrollbar navigation updates.

Release 4.33


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    Doug Bain

    A rolling release update page would be more useful Liz. I don't think anyone is going to click on each date to open the contents to read the changes. Instead, they will prefer to scroll or search down a single list. JMHO.