Release Notes

New features, fixes, and improvements to the system will be posted here.

Release Update - January 25, 2018

New and Improved

  • Code tidy. *hair flip*
  • Now you can see who voted for what when hovering over the icon on the discussion section. No more sneaky votes!
  • Selected items now show a flair of blue when checked.
  • Change VSO to VSTS, because that's its new name. Thanks, Microsoft.
  • Linked our JIRA integration instructions to the latest Help Center instructions, cause I'm awesome and I keep things up to date. 
  • Froala 2.7.3 CSS update


  • Product canvas, Product Line overview and Products overview showing lists styled correctly.
  • Dots animation rendering properly on the Password reset page, in case you need a temporary distraction from the terrible world we live in.
  • Remove incorrect focused state from pagination count.


  • Read by avatar now shows from within a conversation (note there is an issue with the read avatar on the conversation preview that we are looking at.)

Release Update 4.2