Linking customer feedback to ideas


There are several ways of capturing feedback via the widget and portal. All feedback can be linked to an idea in ProdPad, so you can quickly track customer desire and make all the right decisions.


Adding a new suggestion

Customers can send in feedback your way through the portal in "It would be awesome if..." box. This will create new feedback under the Customer Feedback section, which you can then turn into an idea if needed.

To create a new idea, simply click on Create Idea next to the feedback box.

Feedback on an existing idea

All feedback given on ideas within the portal will be added directly to the Customer Feedback section and linked to the idea automatically.



Customers are able to quickly send in their interest for an idea in the portal by clicking 'Want.' This will create a new piece of feedback within the Customer Feedback section with the text "Customer x wants this idea!"


Whether it's just a want or detailed feedback, all customers have the ability to add emojis to their feedback. 


You can install the widget on your site to allow users to send in feedback. All submissions via the widget will be added as new feedback within the Customer Feedback section.

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