API Documentation

PUT /feedbacks/:id

Updates an existing feedback in ProdPad.

The data for the feedback needs to be passed as a JSON object within the post body

PUT Body

name type required Description
feedback string Yes Updates to the feedback itself.
state string Yes The state can be "unsorted", "backlog" or "archived".
external_links array of objects Yes An array of links to associate to the feedback. Each object in the array needs to have a name and a url field like this {"title":"Customer Support Ticket","url":"http://www.zendesk.com/tickets/ID"}

Payload Example

"external_links" : [
"name":"Zendesk ticket",


Status 204


  • Avatar
    Sam Beckham

    How do I specify which feedback I'm editing? I've tried adding the ID in the payload and structuring it as /feedbacks/[feedbackid] but I'm getting a "not found" whichever way I try it.

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    Andrea Saez

    Hey Sam,
    Creating a ticket for you as we need some details about what you're trying to do.