PUT /feedbacks/:id

Creates new feedback in ProdPad.

The data for the feedback needs to be passed as a JSON object within the post body


apikey required If the apikey parameter is missing or incorrect a 401 error will be returned

Feedback string no allows you to edit the original feedback

state string no allows you to change the state of the feedback from active or archived or archived to active

Payload Example

"feedback" : "An update to the feedback",
"state" : "archived" 

Status 204

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    Sam Beckham

    How do I specify which feedback I'm editing? I've tried adding the ID in the payload and structuring it as /feedbacks/[feedbackid] but I'm getting a "not found" whichever way I try it.

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    Andrea Saez

    Hey Sam,
    Creating a ticket for you as we need some details about what you're trying to do.

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