API Documentation

PUT /feedbacks/:id

Updates an existing feedback in ProdPad.

The data for the feedback needs to be passed as a JSON object within the post body

PUT Body

name type required Description
feedback* string Optional Updates to the feedback itself.
state* string Optional The state can be "unsorted", "backlog" or "archived".
external_links* array of objects Optional An array of links to associate to the feedback. Each object in the array needs to have a name and a url field like this {"title":"Customer Support Ticket","url":"http://www.zendesk.com/tickets/ID"}

*At least one must be provided

Payload Example

"external_links" : [
"name":"Zendesk ticket",


Status 204


  • Avatar
    Sam Beckham

    How do I specify which feedback I'm editing? I've tried adding the ID in the payload and structuring it as /feedbacks/[feedbackid] but I'm getting a "not found" whichever way I try it.

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    Andrea Saez

    Hey Sam,
    Creating a ticket for you as we need some details about what you're trying to do.