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Slack v1


There is a new version of the Slack integration available. Before you upgrade, please read the full Slack Upgrade Q&A.

The Slack integration allows you to connect ProdPad and Slack and use it as a bridge to add ideas, search for feedback, and even onboard users.

This document will guide you through:

1. Setup

2. Mapping

3. Using the ProdPad bot

4. Slack SSO


1. Setup

To set up the integration, head over to the Integrations & API page. Under 'New Integrations' select Slack.


Give your integration a name and quick description and click on 'Create' to move to the next step.

You will then be prompted to authorize ProdPad to connect to your Slack account.


2. Mapping 

The first stage is to map ProdPad over to Slack. Select the appropriate channels you wish to publish your added ideas and feedback to. If you only have one channel, you can choose the same one for both.


3. Using the ProdPad bot

Once the account has been authorized, you can start using the bot. The ProdPad bot can help you onboard new team members, create and search ideas, as well as notify you of recently added ideas and feedback based on the channels you mapped.

You should invite the ProdPad bot to all channels you wish to publish information to.

  • User Onboarding
    When the bot joins your Slack account, it will guide you through a quick setup and then ask you the following question: 

    Would you like me to create ProdPad user accounts for all the users of your slack account?

    Answering 'yes' will enable to bot to create new user accounts in ProdPad using the user's Slack information.

    The bot will then ask you:

    Okay, great! Would you like me to onboard users to ProdPad? I will contact them by DM letting them know their ProdPad account has been set up and what they can do with me and ProdPad.

    If you answer 'yes' the bot will proceed to contact the new user in Slack as soon as they join and guide them through the process of joining ProdPad, including commands they can use with the bot.

    If you answer 'no' the bot will still create the user account in ProdPad, but will not proceed to contact the user in a DM. 
  • Create Ideas: Use the command #idea to create a new idea in ProdPad. 

  • Search for ideas: Search for ideas by typing '@prodpad #search [search phrase]'



  • Notifications: The bot will notify you of any new ideas or feedback added to your account to the channels that are mapped in the integration setup.

  • Voting with Emojis:
    You can vote on ideas with emojis by clicking on "Add reaction" within Slack.
    πŸ‘πŸ» πŸ™‚ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜€ βœ… πŸ˜Ί πŸ˜Έ β€οΈ

    πŸ‘ŽπŸ» πŸ™ πŸ˜ž

  • Feedback - The bot also supports adding new feedback using the #feedback or #newfeedback commands (the bot will tell you during the setup.) It is not advised that your internal users set up feedback, as it will add the feedback under that user's name. It is instead advised that you use it in a community, so that you can gather feedback directly from your users.

    Further Reading

    ProdPad's Slack Community

    You can also interact with the bot directly by starting a private conversation with it directly.

    4. Slack SSO

    When installing the bot and accepting the onboard actions, you also get access to Slack SSO. This allows anyone within your Slack team to login using their Slack username and password by simply clicking on 'Log in with Slack' at the bottom of the login page.


For additional help, be sure to check out our Slack troubleshooting tips!


  • Avatar
    John Dandeneau

    So, how do you enable the Slack SSO? Went to the Authentication page in the setup and don't see a "Slack" option. I see Google, SAML, and OneLogin. I assume one of these is correct, but some extra guidance on this page under #4 would be appreciated! Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Andrea Saez

    Hey John,
    You need to add the Slack integration in order to set up the SSO. The SSO+the integration are combined, so you'll get both!