Do I need to know how to code to be a product manager?


That being said, you should still bring basic dev knowledge to the table. You’ll be expected to be familiar with methodologies that dev/engineering teams typically use, including Agile and Lean process.

As with all the teams you work closely with, you need to make sure you know “enough” about how they work.  

What counts as enough? That depends. While you don’t need to predict the time it takes to complete a feature, you should know enough about the dev process to work in a ballpark estimate.  

Other things that are extremely helpful to product managers to know about: SCRUM, sprint planning, and how the shipping process and continuous deployments work.

If you want, you can also get an AGILE certification, although it’s most certainly not mandatory. We recommend learning the basics, as it is relevant to your work.

There are a lot of great resources and courses out there, but remember, there is still no "official certification" for product management.

You earn your stars as a product manager just by diving in and learning on the job.


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