Why do I need to get my team involved?

You can’t be expected to come up with all ideas on your own! The seed of the next great idea may be in someone else’s head - and you need to get it into ProdPad so you can do something with it.

As we’ve said before, your role as product manager depends on how well you draw out ideas from the people around you.

Your colleagues have a lot to say, and they’ll contribute their ideas when they see that what they have to say is being considered.  Unfortunately at many companies, ideas have no place to go. They end up forgotten on a product manager’s spreadsheet and consequently, no one really cares enough to contribute anymore.

If you’re at one of those companies where your teammates have become generally disinterested, send all your ideas to an open forum that everyone can see.

But don’t stop there. The key here is to acknowledge them. Make sure they’re not just engaging with each other, but that the product management team (yes, that’s you!) is in the fray too.

When a colleague submits an idea, ask them to consider writing a business case if they haven’t already. Chances are, they’ve never written one. This will help great ideas stick out, gain support and ultimately take their spot on the roadmap.

You can create a real shift in company culture when you involve your team in your product process.

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