What is a roadmap and why do I need one?

A roadmap is a living, breathing tool designed to help you communicate three things:

  • Where you are
  • Where you are heading
  • How you expect to get there

Your roadmap should remain consistently true to your high-level product vision and highlight basic priorities, but always be flexible in the details of how that’s achieved.

We don’t recommend sticking dates on your roadmap epics (or cards, as they are called in ProdPad). The roadmap is to help you manage your team’s expectations, while still leaving yourself room for flexibility to change course.

Many companies use two versions of the roadmap: one for internal use and a "public" one to share with customers and users.

We actually recommend this! It’s a low-risk way to be transparent about what customers should expect from you while giving your team room to adapt. Your public roadmap doesn’t need to be as detailed - by all means, keep your secret sauce secret and leave out the irrelevant parts. But any transparency you could provide your customers is usually rewarded with long-term value and loyalty.

The biggest benefit of sharing your roadmap? It puts answers in the hands of people-facing teams (a.k.a. sales and support) who can answer questions about features, requests and have honest conversations about the product’s future and what you’re planning for your customers.

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