How do I guide my product in a direction that makes sense?

What many PMs realize when they start their new role is that there are strong discrepancies between what the exec team thinks the product does and what everyone else at the company thinks the product does. This is, of course, due to poor internal communication.

As a new PM, you get to hit the reset button.

You're eventually going to be meeting with every team at your company to go through the same exercise. But first, set up a meeting with your exec team so you can have the following conversation:

Where we stand today vs. where we want to be

During this meeting, facilitate a discussion around company objectives, priorities and revenue targets. (This will help you start filling out your product canvas, which includes your product vision, description and KPIs.)

Your decisions affect the entire company’s bottom line, so don’t be afraid to ask more questions and dig deeper for the information you need to feel comfortable in your role.


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